Is the Ring Alarm Range Extender Needed

Many smart homes now wouldn’t be complete without a Ring Alarm System. There is nothing better than being able to customize your home security system to suit you and your family’s needs while keeping your property secure.

The Range Extender is a component that you’ll notice whether you purchase one of the Ring Alarm kits or each individual piece individually. Ring included it for a reason, and that reason is because it is a helpful tool. Is it vital to have it? If you don’t utilize it, what do you forfeit?

The Ring Alarm Range Extender isn’t technically necessary, but it’s a good idea to add it – particularly in bigger houses. – in your security system. Because of these drawbacks, some users have sought out third-party range extenders in place of utilizing it.

Having a better idea of what the Ring Alarm System is and how it works in your house is important before going any further.

Described as a “alarm system,” what is Ring?

Ring’s response to home security is the Ring Alarm System. They can be purchased in sets of five, eight, ten, or fourteen pieces. You make your choice based on the size of your house and your specific requirements.

the following are included in the package:


In this case, we’re referring to the

Sensors Using Contact

Detector of Movement

Extending the range of a device

The Ring Alarm system’s main control panel.

Those who purchase the 14-piece kits get two keypads instead of just one, as larger homes require more coverage when using the larger kits. The number of Contact Sensors also rises every kit, providing you the flexibility to cover your house comprehensively. It is possible to purchase individual components from Ring if you don’t want the full kit or just need a few pieces.

The eero Pro 6 Wi-Fi Routers included inside the Ring Alarm Pro kits take things to the next level. Replace your present internet service with these, and you’ll notice an increase in speed throughout your house. The Ring Alarm base station is basically a collection of the following:

This is a Wi-Fi router by Eero

To ensure that you don’t miss any potentially dangerous notifications, and to ensure that all of your film is clear and in real-time, this is very useful.”

The Ring Protect Plan Pro gives you even more security features to keep your home safe. Professional monitoring is available around the clock, so if your Ring Alarm goes off, the appropriate authorities like the police or fire department will be contacted. Alexa Guard is also built-in, allowing you to summon help from the police or other emergency services by just speaking to them.

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The Ring Protect Plan Pro comes with eero Secure, which offers additional protection against online threats, if you have the Ring Alarm Pro.

The Base Station is an integral part of your Ring Alarm kit and one of the most important components of your Ring Alarm system. You may link all of your Ring Alarm devices to this hub. Using the Ring app, you will be able to change the settings for your Ring Alarm.

Wall-mounted Ring alarm base station.

Z-Wave technology allows it to communicate with your other gadgets. What is Z-wave, exactly?

What exactly is Z-Wave?

Using Z-Wave, your Ring Alarm devices communicate with each other over the internet.

Logo of Z-Wave

Since it serves as a central hub for all Ring Alarm components, the Base Station is essential. After translating the Z-Wave “language” to the internet, your Ring devices can communicate with the Ring app.

When and how Ring’s alarm system’s components talk to one another.

What’s the purpose of Z-Wave?

Z-Wave is a mesh network that connects devices. Every node or connection point on the network is a device. There are no direct connections between each component and the signal source, such as Wi-Fi and a Wi-Fi router. Having more Z-Wave devices on the network means a stronger connection.

On top of that, Z-Wave is also capable of operating on its own private network. Your Z-Wave gadgets and those of your neighbors won’t interfere with one other, even if they utilize the same technology.

Each component of the Ring Alarm serves as a node in the network, allowing it to grow.

In contrast, the greatest Z-Wave signal comes from plugged-in devices, such as the Ring Base Station. Sensors and Motion Detectors may have a poor connection to the Z-Wave network if their range exceeds 250 feet or they encounter impediments.

The Ring Range Extender comes in handy in this situation.

What Is an Extender? What’s the point?

There is no Ring Alarm Range Extender connected.

In the Ring Alarm and Ring Alarm Pro kits, the Range Extender is a plug-in component of the security system that is included with Ring’s Ring. On the website, they may be purchased individually as an add-on for a reasonable $24.99.

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For the Ring Alarm System, this Z-Wave Range Extender is a one-of-a-kind product. Wi-Fi extenders, on the other hand, typically only expand the range of the 2.4GHz and/or 5GHz bands of Wi-Fi.

The Ring Alarm’s maximum range without the Range Extender is around 250 feet. A multi-story house may make it difficult for this to work because of impediments such as walls and Ring Alarm components on various levels.

In order to work, all devices must be connected to the Base Station, and the Range Extender guarantees that they do so.

If so, what’s the use? As far as size goes, it’s all about what you have. If you reside in a tiny, one-room apartment, you may be able to get away with without using a Range Extender.

The Range Extender will be essential if you live in a big, multi-story house. There is a risk of major connection troubles if you do not have it installed, which is not ideal if you are looking for a way to keep your house safe!

Because the item has to be plugged in, there is just one ‘disadvantage.’ Since batteries aren’t as reliable as plugged-in devices, this is a good thing. However, just in case you don’t have a lot of free wall sockets, keep this in mind:

Connected to the Ring Alarm Range Extender

Are there any restrictions on the number of Ring Alarm Range Extenders that you may use at once?

The Ring Alarm Range Extender’s blue Ring box.

Consider purchasing an additional Range Extender if you live in a big house or want to ensure that all of your devices have a robust connection to the Base Station. Is it feasible to do this?

It’s good to know that yes, numerous Ring Alarm range extenders are feasible. In order to have the maximum possible coverage, you may strategically arrange them throughout your house. You may buy them through Ring’s website or even Amazon if you like.

About 250 feet of additional range may be gained with each additional Extender. Consider placing them in regions where you’ve seen dead spots or sporadic internet access. With their help, you’ll be able to expand the range and functionality of your Ring Alarm System.

Can the Ring Alarm System’s range be extended by third parties?

And if you decide not to utilize a Ring Range Extender, what happens?

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Is it possible to utilize a Z-Wave extension from a third party?

To be sure, there are a few different ways to look at this.

A 3rd party Z-Wave Extender, for example, cannot be used with the Ring Alarm System. There is only one Ring Range Extender that can be used with the Ring Alarm System, according to the manufacturer.

Some Ring Alarm users, on the other hand, have chosen to put this hypothesis to the test by attempting to expand their Z-Wave network in other ways.

Some Z-Wave users have sought to expand the network by adding another Z-Wave device since Z-Wave is a mesh network.

If you’re looking for a gadget that’s compatible with Ring’s alarm system, check out the Leviton Decora Plug-In Outlet.

The Leviton Smart Plug’s Ring webpage

Using these Z-Wave extenders instead of the Ring Range Extender has worked for certain Ring Alarm subscribers.

These plug-in devices, however, often cost more than the Ring Range Extender, which retails for about $40.

In addition, there have been varied outcomes in terms of the method’s effectiveness. In light of this, does it really matter?

As indicated, it is compatible with Ring, but not specified as a Range Extender. On Amazon you can also get the Aeotec Range Extender 7, which costs roughly $34. However, they have had a mixed response.

Contact Ring if you’re having issues with a Ring Range Extender and you don’t know why. Instead of spending money on third-party solutions that may or may not work, ask whether they can fix the issue themselves.

Protect Your Residence

It’s a good idea to utilize the Ring Alarm Range Extender if you have it, even if it’s not strictly essential. Ring Alarm or Ring Alarm Pro users would greatly benefit from this guide.

Z-Wave signals might be impeded by obstacles such as walls and ceilings if you’re on different levels. This problem may be resolved by using a Range Extender. Using more than one is possible if necessary.

Users’ experiences with third-party Z-Wave extenders have been variable. It’s not worth the effort of dealing with 3rd-party items when the Range Extender costs so little. The Ring Range Extender should be used exclusively.

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