Ring Disconnected From Wi-Fi (And Might Not Easily Reconnect)

Having trouble connecting to the internet through Wi-Fi is a regular problem with Ring devices. It’s impossible to say why they appear and disappear from time to time.

It’s possible to discover out why the Ring devices are disconnecting and increase their uptime by following a few simple tips and tactics.

Open your Ring app, go to the devices area, and look for the disconnected symbol next to each device to see whether it’s disconnected. The “Device Health” tab in the Ring app may frequently help you reconnect your device quickly and effortlessly. Keep your devices connected by boosting the signal strength of your Wi-Fi network.

Let’s get down to the very gritty of this issue and get your smart gadgets working again!

What You Need To Know About Ring Devices

Boxed with the Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus

Ring is one of the most popular makers of smart home gadgets today. ‘ Amazon is the owner of the Ring firm. Ring’s most popular products are the Ring doorbell, Ring security cameras, and a smart home security system.

Internet Protocol (IP) is used by all Ring cameras and doorbells, although the Ring Elite models use Power over Ethernet (PoE) (PoE). It’s likely that Wi-Fi is the most common method of installation since it eliminates the need to run Ethernet wire.

However, Wi-Fi disconnections and signal dropouts are a major issue with Ring devices, which is a major drawback. At most, the recordings will be of poor quality, and at worst, they will be absent.

Ring’s Disconnection Detection Method

You can’t detect whether your Ring device is unplugged in a fast and straightforward method, which is unfortunate. When a device automatically disconnects, Ring has not yet included a notification option in its app to alert consumers. You can check to discover which of your devices are online and unplugged by using a simple method.

When you open the Ring app, you’ll get a list of all your cameras and doorbells, along with the most recent image captured:

The Ring app’s dashboard, which displays several screenshots

There will be a red/orange “Wi-Fi disconnected” symbol next to each disconnected device if any of them are currently down. It’s possible to receive additional information about a certain device by tapping its name in the main timeline view, which will reveal the following:

In this Ring screenshot, the internet is completely cut from a gadget.

As an alternative, you may access a device’s settings and click on “Device Health” to see whether the device is online or offline.

Screenshot of the Ring app displaying the Wi-Fi reconnect option

It’s not clear why Ring devices disconnect.

As it turns out, Ring devices may get disconnected for a variety of reasons. Inclement weather and human mistake are only two examples. We’ll look at some of the most prevalent causes of signal loss in my Ring devices.

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Problems with Wi-Fi

Error message indicating a WiFi problem.

To begin, let’s take a look at your wireless network.

If your Ring devices continually disconnecting from your Wi-Fi network, there are a number of possibilities. If you want to enhance your Wi-Fi, there are several broad things you can do that we’ll cover in more depth.

Keeping your devices linked is easier if you upgrade to a higher-capacity internet plan and buy a new router. This will guarantee that your smart gadgets are always connected to the internet and that you’re always one step ahead of the Wi-Fi competition.

As a last resort, if your Wi-Fi router is struggling to keep up with too many connected devices, you may want to look into purchasing gadgets that don’t use Wi-Fi, such Zigbee-powered Philips Hue lighting or Z-Wave light switches.


VPNs are also an important topic to bring up. Most virtual private networks only exist on a single device. To ensure the safety of your data when accessing the internet, it is recommended that you use a VPN, which is a virtual private network, on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. VPNs and firewalls, on the other hand, may block your whole internet connection if you use one of the more powerful versions.

Your smart gadgets may not be able to connect to the internet if you have a VPN installed on your router, particularly if it is a “free” VPN service (since these often come with lower speeds).

Similarly, some VPNs only provide “high security” Wi-Fi alternatives like WPA3 (which does not operate with the majority of smart devices). Make sure your VPN is compatible with smart devices by checking your settings and installing the appropriate VPN.

It’s Raining.

If you’re having problems connecting, it’s possible that the weather is at fault.

This is especially true for gadgets that are exposed to the elements. Severe weather may cause Ring products like doorbells and cameras to malfunction. They can handle most of nature’s punishment, but they may lose their Wi-Fi connection if they’ve been subjected to extreme weather.

This happened to me about a month ago when the UK was battered by a tropical-like storm. A problem with my Ring Floodlight Cam necessitated a manual reset.

Updates for Software

When it comes to software changes, there are always winners and losers. Users of Ring devices often report connection issues after installing new software upgrades.

Short-term issues that are promptly repaired following each software update are the most common. If a software update is creating issues with the connection of your devices, you can always contact Ring customer service.

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Placement of the Device is Incorrect

Remember when we said earlier that we were going to speak about a few particular Wi-Fi issues? One of the most common concerns is the location of devices. A lot of people are missing out on this Wi-Fi trick because they don’t know about it.

Although the range of your Wi-Fi network is restricted, it also has trouble transmitting its signal through solid objects like walls (especially 5 GHz Wi-Fi). This implies that the devices that are outside of your house will have the most difficulty keeping connected to your Wi-Fi network.

Outdoor devices, such as Ring cameras, may be linked to your home network by strategically placing your Wi-Fi router or by using Wi-Fi repeaters.

Inappropriate behavior from Hubs

Wireless and power LEDs are shown on the Ring Alarm Base Station gen 1

Another issue we need to address is the Ring smart hub’s connectivity to the Wi-Fi.

Base Station is included in the Ring Alarm System. This serves as the foundation for the complete system’s Wi-Fi connectivity. Z-Wave is used by each device to interact with each other and the hub, but a Wi-Fi connection via the hub keeps them all linked to your smartphone and Ring’s servers.

If your Wi-Fi hub begins to malfunction, it might disconnect your alarm system from the network.

A Deficit in Available Transfer Rates

The second difficulty with Wi-Fi, which we briefly touched on before, is the last item on our list.

There’s a certain amount of data that can be sent through Wi-Fi, even though it seems like magic. You may not be able to keep your smart gadgets connected to the internet if your wi-fi infrastructure is under too much demand.

You may fix this issue by increasing the bandwidth of your Wi-Fi connection. To do this, you’ll need to upgrade your Wi-Fi service and purchase a more powerful Wi-Fi router.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this dilemma. You may create a separate Wi-Fi network only for your smart gadgets if you have a lot of them. Gaming, streaming, and surfing the internet will all be possible on one Wi-Fi network as a result of this. In addition, you should set up a separate Wi-Fi network only for your smart devices. This is the best solution for those who use their Wi-Fi a lot.

In addition to the particular remedies we’ve previously discussed, what about general Wi-Fi connectivity issues with your Ring device?

How to Restore Internet Access to Your Ring Devices

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Here’s how to get any Ring device back online as quickly as possible.

Use the Ring App’s Setup Option.

Using this method is the quickest way to get your Ring devices working again. Your Wi-Fi network and the device itself must be operational for this patch to work. Even if your service was temporarily disrupted or you just lost connection due to an error in the system, this will have you back up and running in no time.

Here’s how to go about it:.

In the Ring app, tap the menu icon.

Tap on “Devices.”

The device you wish to reconnect to may be selected from the list.

Click on “Device Health”

Reconnect to Wifi or Change Wifi Network may be accessed by pressing the respective buttons.

A temporary Wi-Fi network may be created by the Ring device, which means you’ll need to be within range of the device in order to connect your phone.

In order to rejoin the Ring Doorbell, you’ll need a temporary WiFi network.

The fifth and final stage of this remedy is specific to your device and the year it was launched. They both do the same task, yet they are referred to as such because of the characteristics of your gadget.

A QR code or barcode for your device may also be required. Newer Ring devices came with a QR code written on the package. To get your smartphone to connect to your Wi-Fi network, just scan this QR code during setup.

Using the barcode on my Ring Doorbell Pro

For those who have lost their box, you’ll have to utilize the QR code that is written on the gadget itself. This will be found on the device’s rear. Unmounting your phone from a wall in order to scan its QR code will be required.

The Setup Option Doesn’t Work? What Now?

So, what should you do if none of the suggestions above prove helpful?

There’s good news and terrible news, as it turns out.

Sadly, your gadget is probably broken. Any device that has been bricked by an unsuccessful software update or that was simply defective at purchase should be covered under the warranty and replaced free of charge. It’s also possible that you’ll be able to return the gadget to the original store. Because of this, it is a good idea to keep hold of the box that contained the QR code.

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