When Your Ring Alarm Sensor Keeps Saying Tampered

Ring security sensors are an excellent alternative for supplementing your home security systems. However, what happens when those sensors begin to provide you erroneous alerts?

The tamper alarm is intended to inform users when an attempt is made to physically harm the sensor. Additionally, there are issues that might cause the tamer alarm to sound. Getting those issues resolved as soon as possible is critical to keeping a safe smart home.

There are a several ways to resolve an ongoing Ring tamper alarm. To begin, open the sensor’s casing and then shut it to ensure that the tamper button is pushed. Then, by removing the battery and pushing the reset button, you may attempt to reset the sensor. If everything else fails, you may always try reinstalling the Ring app or redeeming your warranty.

Let’s discover what’s inside Ring’s most closely guarded security secret and how to quiet a false alert.

What Is the Purpose of Ring Alarm Sensors?

You’re undoubtedly familiar with Ring because of their famous doorbell, but did you know they also offer a variety of other smart home products?

Ring’s smart sensors are meant to enhance your home’s security and safety. Ring manufactures motion and touch sensors, as well as a freeze and flood sensor. Today, we’ll concentrate on the first two kinds of sensors since they include the tamper warning.

The Ring motion sensor performs just as expected. This sensor detects motion and may subsequently execute a range of duties, like turning on lights and giving you security alerts.

The Ring Motion Sensor 2nd generation from the front.

The Ring contact sensor is comprised of two components and is intended for installation on doors or windows. When the two halves of a contact sensor are separated, they are capable of activating alarms, alerting local law authorities, and notifying you.

Ring Contact Sensor partially opened to reveal the Z Wave logo and pin

The anti-tamper urge is a built-in function of these sensors. So, what exactly does a tamper alert do?

What exactly is a Tamper Alert?

Ring sensors are meant to safeguard your house from intruders, robbers, and other undesirable visitors. These security sensors are excellent at detecting motion and opening and closing doors and windows, but what happens if an aspirant burglar attempts to physically destroy your sensors?

This is when the tamper warning is triggered.

A little plastic post is pressed against a small button on the device’s computer chip within these Ring devices. When the device’s casing is closed, the button remains pushed, preventing the tamper alarm from being delivered.

When the sensor’s casing is opened, the post raises the button, triggering a tamper alarm on your phone:

I’m seeing a variety of tampered-with-error messages for my Ring Alarm contact sensor.

This is advantageous if someone is attempting to pry open your sensors in order to bypass them, but it might be inconvenient if you’re just replacing batteries.

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If you’re paying for Ring Protect Pro, which includes professional security monitoring, a tamper alarm may even result in a call to the police. Being able to rapidly resolve a tamper alarm on a Ring sensor may save you a great deal of time and aggravation. Before we go into the adjustments, let’s have a look at the Ring devices that include tamper detection.

Which Ring Devices Include Anti-Tampering Features?

All of Ring’s security and alarm sensors contain a tamper alert. Not all Ring devices have a tamper alarm, since not all Ring devices are constructed with security in mind. Ring devices are often used and do double duty by addressing security issues as well as other responsibilities.

Keeping this in mind, below are several Ring devices that provide tamper detection.

Motion Sensors for Ring Alarms

Sensor with Ring Contacts

Outdoor Ring Contact Sensor

That is, any sensor that is included in a Ring Alarm system (such as a 5 piece kit)

Why Do Ring Tamper Alerts Occur? (And How to Fix Them)

Troubleshooting numerous tamper notifications might get quite challenging. While the most frequent reasons are reasonably straightforward to resolve, there may be more sophisticated problems causing warnings to continue to appear. Let’s start with the easier repairs and work our way down to the more difficult ones that produce tamper alarms.

Sensor Housing Is Not Completely Closed

Removing the Ring Motion Sensor’s rear cover

This initial correction occurs when the touch sensor or motion sensor’s enclosure is not completely closed.

The mechanism that prevents the tamper alarm button from being pushed is physically integrated into the sensor’s casing. If the case is not securely closed, the tamper sensor will continue to notify you.

The good news is that the solution is rather simple.

Fixing A Loose Sensor Case

To repair a loose sensor casing, just snap it back together. However, before attempting to snap your case back together, we suggest detaching it from the wall, window, or door to which it is attached.

This is because the casing must be reassembled correctly to mute the tamper alarm. Remove your case from its mounting and completely snap the back together is the best approach to achieve a precise fit.

After that, you may reattach your case to the wall and the tamper warning should cease giving you alerts.

Errors Associated With the Tamper Button

The following remedy is little more complicated.

The tamper button may be a bit finicky. If it is not fully put down or the sensor is jostled, the Ring sensor may begin generating tamper alarms on a continuous basis.

To correct this, we’ll need to reset the tamper button.

How to Correct Errors Using the Tamper Button

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Resetting this button is rather straightforward.

The first step is to remove the cover from your Ring sensor. A battery is shown linked to a little circuit board. The first step is to remove the battery.

With the rear cover removed, the batteries inside a Ring Motion Sensor.

Following that, things get a bit more complicated. The tamper button is located on the little circuit board within your Ring device. It should take the form of a little black button situated near the antenna. Your owner’s handbook details the precise placement of the tamper button on your device based on its make and model.

Now, while reinserting the battery, you want to push and hold the tamper button down. It is critical to maintain pressure on the button when inserting the new battery. This will reset the tamper button physically and should remove any subsequent alerts once the case is completely closed.

You Must Perform a Factory Reset on Your Sensor

The procedure for resetting Ring’s sensor alarms is almost comparable to the one we recently completed to resolve a tamper button issue. We’re going to repeat all of those procedures, but with an additional step for older Ring devices. Additionally, we’re planning to provide instructions for resetting second-generation Ring sensor alerts.

This article will walk you through the process of factory resetting a Ring sensor from the first generation.

Remove the sensor’s lid.

Disconnect the battery

Simultaneously press and hold the tamper button.

Reinstall the battery while still holding the tamper button.

Maintain pressure on the LED button until it stops flashing.

Remove and replace the sensor cover

Establishing a factory for the Ring sensor alarms’ second generation is a bit different. It is not inherently simpler or more difficult; Ring has just included a dedicated button for resetting the device.

Remove the Ring sensor’s lid.

Identify the reset button.

Utilize a safety pin or the reset button tool that comes with your device to press the reset button.

Maintain pressure on the button until the light flashes green.

Hold the button down until the LED light turns red.

Replacing the cap

Your smartphone should now be capable of reconnecting to your app without receiving the continual tamper alarm.

Outdoor Ring Gate Sensor Too firmly screwed

There is a problem with the Ring outside gate sensor. Ring developed this sensor in response to popular demand from homeowners seeking to safeguard not just their houses’ doors and windows, but also their external gates and other sites like as their sheds.

These sensors are weather resistant and built to withstand the elements.

You may use the same double-sided tape to install a Ring outdoor gate sensor as you would an inside sensor. However, many customers choose to install their exterior gate sensors using the accompanying screws and mounting brackets. The secret is that firmly screwing your Ring sensor in might slightly deform its casing, triggering the tamper detection siren.

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How to Install a Ring Sensor for an Outdoor Gate

To repair a Ring outdoor gate sensor that has been too firmly fastened down, you must first detach it from its mounting. This will release any stress on the sensor’s casing and enable the tamper alarm to be cleared.

The Ring outside sensor may then be screwed back into its original place.

Simply be careful not to screw it in too firmly this time to prevent more bogus tamper warnings.

App Glitches in the Ring

The next issue we must address is not necessarily related to the sensor itself. Additionally, the Ring app may have a number of faults and malfunctions that may cause tamper warnings to continue to sound. Numerous customers have claimed that although attempting to repair the sensor failed, the tamper alarms vanished when they removed and reloaded the Ring app.

My Ring Alarm’s event history reveals a few tampering faults.

This might be due to issues with the Ring app’s local file installation or with the app’s ability to retain updates from the Ring server.

Reinstalling your app should resolve any issues, including persistent tamper alarms.

How to Resolve Ring App Issues

This procedure may take some time, but it should resolve any issues with your Ring app. Simply remove the Ring app from your phone and reinstall it from the App Store, Google Play, or wherever you normally get programs.

Once you’ve installed the new Ring app, you’ll need to repeat some settings. However, you will be free of annoying mistakes.

Sensors that are defective

This concludes our examination of possible issues. There is a possibility that your Ring sensor was manufactured with a manufacturing error that causes the tamper alarm to continuously sound. Because your Ring sensor has a physical button that must be pushed to disable this alarm, it’s rather typical for manufacture faults to create this problem.

There are only two methods for repairing a damaged Ring sensor.

How to Repair Defective Ring Sensors

Repairing a Ring sensor with a defective tamper alarm entails one of the following:

Returning it to the merchant from whom you acquired it

Utilization of your Ring warranty

Ring’s security devices come with a guarantee that enables you to swap them for functional versions. The extended warranty included with Ring Protect Plus and Pro is an excellent value if you’re already in the market for these additional home security features.

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