Can Ring Cameras and Doorbells Record Cars Going Past?

Video doorbells and cameras from Ring are great for home security. Amazon deliveries are also protected by these armed guards. You may want to keep an eye on things a bit farther away from your house, however. What about, say, the street?

In certain cases, the presence of a suspicious vehicle in the vicinity of an event might be a sign that something strange is going on nearby. Your Ring cameras or video doorbells may be able to capture the vehicles that pass by. There are a number of factors that might determine whether or not they succeed at this.

Doorbells and cameras from the Ring brand are the latest in home security and automation technology.

Ring is a smart home device business that focuses on making smart home items. Smart lights and even alarm systems are part of their product portfolio. Smart security cameras and video doorbells are two of their most popular and best-sellers.

Outdoors, the Ring Stick Up Cam was set up.

Ring’s cameras may be installed both inside and outside of your home. At the front entrance and occasionally even the side door, video doorbells are often installed.

Release of the Ring Video Doorbell in 2020

Floodlight cameras, on the other hand, use exterior lights to illuminate even the most secluded areas of your home.

Wall-mounted Ring Floodlight Cam – front view.

A Wi-Fi connection is used by the majority of these cameras to connect to the internet. It is only the Ring Stick-Up Cam Elite and the Ring Doorbell Elite that are exempt from the rule’s application. PoE, or Power over Ethernet, is used by both devices to connect to the internet. An Ethernet cable provides both electricity and Internet connectivity.

Wi-Fi or Ethernet connections let these cameras to communicate with the Ring app, which serves as their primary control center. The Ring app is where you’ll configure all of your Ring cameras and video doorbells’ various settings. Zones for motion detection, motion sensitivity, and whether or not to employ Person Detection are all examples.

Motion-detected events are also logged here. Do the vehicles that drive by your house count as part of this list?

Zooming in and out of the viewfinder

The typical viewing distance of a Ring Camera or Video Doorbell is roughly 30 feet. In other words, as long as nothing is in the way, you should be able to see clearly what’s going on around your house.

Morning footage from Ring Doorbell Pro.

However, even though the claimed range is 30 feet, this also relies on other factors. Depending on the time of day, the lighting may also affect the clarity of the vision, making it difficult to see at longer distances.

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It’s also worth noting that most Ring cameras and doorbells include sensors that are able to detect motion up to 25 feet in front of them and up to 155 degrees horizontally. The motion notifications you get on your phone or other smart device are triggered by this movement, depending on your settings.

With this information, how does it affect the number of vehicles that pass through?

When a car drives by, can Ring cameras and door bells see it?

Daytime ring doorbell video of an automobile

Simply said, the answer is yes.

Ring cameras and doorbells can detect passing automobiles as long as they are inside the camera’s field of vision and motion sensors.

While the Ring camera’s range is an important consideration, how well it records moving vehicles may also be affected by a number of other variables. In low light, such as at night or on overcast days, each of these characteristics has an impact on how your cameras capture photos.

Aspect Number One: The Position of the Camera

The location of your camera or video doorbell’s lens is an important aspect in determining whether or not it captures passing autos.

If you have a Ring Video Doorbell in front of your property, and your house is facing the street, this is a simple matter.

It’s possible that if your camera isn’t facing the street, this may be a different tale. It’s possible to catch automobiles as they’re going to pass by your house if the road is angled. Nighttime may be much more challenging for this task.

Using an angle perspective may be more difficult because of the glare from the headlights, which may obscure any features of the vehicle. Nothing more than the fact that “a automobile passed” will be sent to you.

With a camera on the side of your house, the odds of capturing a passing automobile is little to none. Again, nighttime or barriers like poles, trees, or fences will make this more difficult.

Partial Obstruction of Street View by Ring Stick Up Camera

Availability of Internet Service Providers

The quality of the photographs of passing automobiles depends largely on the quality of the Internet connection. A robust internet connection is essential if you want to see a lot of detail in passing automobiles.

You can verify your internet connection’s strength through the Ring app. When looking at this page, you can see whether the signal is strong or needs some support.

Your internet connection is strong if the RSSI indicator is green. There is a good connection if it’s yellow – but it might be better. You may need to purchase a Wi-Fi extension if the signal is shown in red, since this indicates that your connection is weak.

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In the Ring app, where can you check the Wi-Fi strength?

Stronger and more reliable Wi-Fi connections aren’t uncommon, but they’re less common when it comes to Elite PoE. It also relies on the Wi-Fi signal strength in your neighborhood.

There are a few more things to consider, too.

The number of frames per second (fps) determines how effectively you’ll be able to see passing autos. Image quality improves with an increase in frame rate. If you’re searching for a certain car, you don’t want to use a lower frame rate since the photos won’t be captured as clearly.

It’s common for videos shot at lower frame rates to seem jerky and pixelated. Most Ring cameras shoot at a frame rate of about 15 fps on average. Regardless of the time of day, motion-detected events are generally caught with this level of detail.

Ring Video Doorbell Shows a Daytime Passing Car

At night, when light conditions are less than ideal, the frame rate may dip somewhat. Details like color and manufacture may be more difficult to discern even if frame rate is adequate and you can plainly see automobiles driving by.

Car Passing by in the Dark Through the Doorbell Camera on Ring

Full color night vision is only available on a restricted number of devices since current light is used to artificially “guess” colors.

The view from my garage at night, in color

Wired-in cameras, such as the Ring Doorbell Wired and the Ring Indoor Cam, are the only ones that support full color.

the current list of color night vision-cameras listed on Ring’s support pages

Doorbell Elite PoE, Ring Doorbell Pro 1, and Ring Doorbell Pro 2.

It’s the Ring Stick Up Cameras

The Ring Spotlight and Floodlight Cameras

Setting the Motion Detection for the Camera

You may be missing a few of the automobiles that pass by your house. Your Settings may hold the answer. Artificial intelligence (AI) will eliminate all other motion detection and alerts unless you specifically set your cameras to just detect and notify you to motion involving humans.

In the event that you live on a busy street and do not want to be warned whenever a vehicle passes by, this is not an issue. However, if you want to watch automobile video, you’ll need to change your settings.

Motion Settings and Smart Alerts are where you’ll need to make the change. App users may customize whether or not they are informed when a motion event is associated with persons or other types of movement in this part of the app. A parcel placed at your house may even be detected using this technology.

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Settings for the Ring app’s Motion Alerts.

If you only want to be alerted when humans are involved in the motion detected event, then automobiles will be excluded from your notifications.

You may also change the sensitivity of your motion sensors.

Sensitivity to Ring Movement

In order to capture a passing automobile, your camera’s sensors must be more sensitive to motion. However, it should be remembered that this may result in decreased battery life. As a result of increased motion detection, your camera’s battery will run out sooner.

When it comes to autos, advanced Motion Detection may reduce your chances of capturing them.

Motion Detection Option with Advanced Options

It’s possible that even if you configure the settings correctly, the technology won’t catch exactly what you want.

There are times when a Patio umbrella billows in the breeze, and there are times when a car’s headlights shine in your yard at night.

In most cases, your cameras will capture exactly what you want them to, with just a few exceptions.

Doorbell and other cameras to record passing vehicles

Wyze Cam Image for Outdoor Advertising

There are many more smart camera companies to pick from if you don’t want to stick with Ring.

There are outside cameras from Wyze, for example, that can record automobiles driving by your house unnoticed. They, too, have a 30-foot field of vision. Even in the dark, the Wyze Floodlight Cam is able to see in full color. In addition to catching passing vehicles, you may also notice features like color.

It’s also possible to utilize the battery-powered Nest Cam outside of your house. When compared to Ring, its detection range is 30 feet, but Ring’s is just 25 feet. It’s still enough to capture the attention of passing automobiles. With their near-30 fps frame rates, even low-light video is crystal-clear because to their superiority over the competition.

Keeping Track of All the Videos

Smart cameras may help you capture passing vehicles or a particular vehicle that has caught your attention. Almost all of them are capable of capturing video of moving automobiles if given the right set of circumstances, such as a fast enough frame rate, good enough internet connection, and the right angle.

Have no interest in dealing with Ring products? In order to keep your house and community secure, there are a number of alternative measures that you might consider.

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