How To ResTore Eufy Genie to Factory Settings

How can I reset my EUFY Genie?

Q11: How can I reset Eufy Genie’s Wi-Fi network settings? Hold the Action button down for 5 seconds. Release when the light goes yellow and a beeping sound indicates that Eufy Genie is in “configuration mode.”

How can I reset the factory settings on my eufy?

Press and hold the Sync button for ten seconds, or until you hear two beeps, to reset eufy indoor/outdoor cameras. The Sync button is often positioned on the device’s rear. The camera’s default settings will be restored.

How can I reset my Eufy vacuum cleaner?

Press and hold the button for 10 seconds to reset the Wi-Fi connection on RoboVac. When the settings have been reset, you will hear a voice prompt, and the WiFi status indicator will blink blue slowly. To reset the Wi-Fi connection, simultaneously press and hold for three seconds.

How can I reset my eufy door sensor?

Press and hold the Sync button for 10 seconds to reset the eufy battery doorbell. The doorbell’s Sync button is positioned on the back side. If your doorbell is already mounted on the door frame or the wall, please use the included detaching pin or a paper clip to remove it from the mounting bracket.

How can I link my eufy genie to a new Wi-Fi network?

  1. Tap Open the WiFi settings menu.
  2. Select the WiFi network name of the Eufy Genie from the list. The WiFi network you seek has the eufy Genie-XXXX identifier pattern.
  3. After selecting the appropriate WiFi network, hit the left-most back arrow to return to the EufyHome app.

How am I able to reset my tmall Genie?

For 5 seconds, press and hold the Action button to reset the Wi-Fi connection. Restore Eufy Genie to factory settings if you are still unable to connect to your Wi-Fi network.

How can I remove memory from EUFY?

You may clean or format the SD card or local storage in the application. Camera/Doorbell Settings > Camera Storage > Clear Storage / Format. Caution: formatting local storage will destroy all data saved on the device permanently.

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How can I upgrade the firmware on my EUFY?

To upgrade the firmware, on the device’s home page, press “More” in the top right corner, then tap “Firmware Update.” During the firmware update procedure, Eufy Genie must remain turned on. The Eufy Genie system will restart automatically after the firmware update is complete.

Why doesn’t my EUFY work?

– Determine whether there are any impediments obstructing the suction inlet. – Empty the dust collection and vacuum or scrub the filters with a cleaning brush. Replace the filter/brush to see whether the suction gets more powerful. – Determine whether the filters are damp due to liquids on the floor.

Why is my EUFY vacuum doing round motions?

To inspect wheels: – If the RoboVac only spins in one direction, clean the wheels and tap/shake them to ensure that they are flexible and can spring back.

Why is there a solid red light on my EUFY?

Check the following if your RoboVac displays a red light while charging: – Reconnect the adapter to the charging base. Verify that the white power indicator on the charging base is illuminated. – Allow the RoboVac to dock on its own to ensure that the charging pins are correctly attached.

Why is eufy door lock unavailable?

Please try the following solutions if the eufySecurity app indicates that your smart lock is offline. 1. Ensure your lock has enough strength and is operational (try fingerprint or passcode). If not, replace the batteries or charge the USB connector of the touch-screen and wifi smart lock.

How do you open a eufy entrance sensor?

Just use a little amount of force and pull towards yourself. The more force you use, the more difficult it is to open… it is rather tough to separate.

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Why is my EUFY unable to connect to Wi-Fi?

Ensure that you are inside the Wi-Fi router’s range. Ensure that your Wi-Fi router is turned on. Ensure that your mobile device is linked to your Wi-Fi router. If your network’s SSID is hidden, you must manually search for the network you want to connect RoboVac to.

How can I alter the Wi-Fi settings on my EUFY camera?

Launch the eufy Pet app > touch Profile > tap My Devices > tap Pet Camera D605 > tap Wi-Fi Connection > tap Change Wi-Fi > press and hold the SYNC button for two seconds until the camera beeps > push the Heard a Beep button > your phone…

How can I link my EUFY vacuum to a Wi-Fi network?

Go to your phone’s Wi-Fi settings and connect to the “eufy RoboVac xxxx” network, then return to the EufyHome app. Please wait while the connection is established. Once the RoboVac is linked, it is time to give it a name. After naming it, the configuration is complete!

How do you reset a SYRP Genie Mini?

  1. Connect The Genie Mini to a power source.
  2. 2 Force-quit the application and relaunch it on your smartphone.
  3. 3. Navigate to the application’s connection screen.
  4. 4 Depress the Genie Mini ON button for ten to fifteen seconds. (The value is reset.

How can I link my tmall genie to a wireless network?

  1. Click “我的” (“Mine”)
  2. Click “添加智能设备” (“Add Smart Device”)
  3. Find SiliconLabs in the list of devices and click on it.
  4. Click “绑定账号” (“Bind Account”)
  5. Enter the username and password obtained from, then click “LOGIN AND AUTHORIZE.”

How can I link my Bluetooth tsmall Genie?

Maintain depressing the power button. As instructed, connect to a wireless network. Scan the device’s QR code using the Tmall Genie app to bind and activate the gadget. Download and install the Tmall Genie app if you have not already done so.

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How can I uninstall a gadget from eufy?

Go to the gadget and press the gear wheel. There should be an option to delete devices at the bottom.

How can I erase all events on eufy?

I just go to the events page, press the pen/paper symbol, select all, and then tap the trash can button.

Where is video kept on Eufy?

All user movies are kept on the user’s home-based Eufy HomeBase device. The HomeBase’s 16GB eMMC internal storage can hold up to 180 days of video, provided 30 films per day are recorded for 20 seconds each.

How can I update my eufy application?

In accordance with your phone’s update settings, the eufy Security App will update itself automatically in the background if your device is connected to Wi-Fi and has sufficient battery life. You may also check for updates on Google Play or the App Store.

How long does eufy update take?

When the eufy security device has network connectivity (is connected to Wifi), it will often change its firmware in the early morning hours automatically. If the automated update fails, please wait an additional twenty-four hours. It will be updated once more after 24 hours. You may use the present version.

What does eufy HomeBase do?

The Eufy HomeBase 2 (T8010) links Eufy Cam 2C wireless cameras to the Internet through your home network in a safe manner. Low Frequency Wireless and 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, 16GB eMMC local Storage, Built-in Siren, and compatibility for up to 16 Eufy Cam 2C cameras with a wireless range of up to 90 meters line of sight are some of the included features.