Ring Chime Won’t Enter Setup Mode: What To Do

Instead of retaining the same network name and password, I chose to migrate all of the devices one by one to a new Wi-Fi mesh system that had been installed in my house last month.

After a few weeks of updating 2-3 devices every day, I was finally finished. Aside from my Ring Chime, that is. As soon as I attempted to alter its Wi-Fi settings, it abruptly ceased to function. Once the blue indicator was gone, it was gone. It had expired. Finito. I was unable to enter any kind of setup mode.

Which was a bit of a bummer since I depend on the Ring Chime at the front of my home as well as my Echo devices as a Ring Doorbell chime. In this scenario, what did I do?

To begin with, try a different socket on your Ring chime if it won’t go into setup mode. Then, press and hold the setup button (for either 5 or 15 seconds). Fear not: There are two alternative options if this doesn’t work.

Before we get into the specifics of how to use the Ring Chime device, I wanted to provide a quick refresher on what it is.

This is the Ring Chime.

Using the Ring Chime is a lot of fun. Because certain Ring Doorbells can’t ring your current doorbell chime, you may purchase the Ring Chime. As soon as motion is detected or someone knocks on the door, this device emits a customizable doorbell sound.

The plug on my Ring Chime was from the United Kingdom.

If you have an Amazon Echo device, you may also use the Alexa app to set it up as an announcement device, as previously indicated.

Configuring Ring doorbell sounds and “Announcement devices” in Alexa’s app shows that the settings may be adjusted.

A basic chime unit may be all that’s required in certain situations. If someone opens your letterbox and yells “Alexa, turn off the lights,” you may not want to have an Echo device right next to your front door.

I wish I were kidding, but I believe this will become a more common occurrence in the future.

Any way you look at it, investing in a separate Ring Chime is a smart move. Setting up your computer is not always an option, and this is when complications might arise.

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In theory, you should be able to enter Setup Mode on your Ring Chime.

Setup mode is required to add your Ring Chime unit in the Ring app when you first get it. You will also need to enter setup mode if you’ve recently modified your Wi-Fi router’s information (also through the Ring app).

To enter setup mode, just press and hold the right-hand side setup button for five seconds:

The Ring Chime’s configuration button

The “ring” lettering should begin to glow blue at this point. The following are the actions you’ll need to do inside the Ring app at this point:

To activate the Ring Chime, the Ring app instructs you to wait 30 seconds.

Ring’s “ring” lettering should now be a consistent blue color once you’ve completed the Ring chime’s setup.

I made a mistake last month when I held the setup button for five seconds while completing this procedure. As a result, the blue light was extinguished.

Before I required a new Ring Chime unit, I went through all of the conceivable debugging steps that I could think of.

What should you do if your Ring Chime is refusing to enter setup mode? Let’s find out.

There are two ways to fix this problem:

Pressing the setup button on a Ring Chime device while it is plugged in.

You might try plugging the Ring Chime into a different wall socket first if nothing occurs after you hold down the setup button for five seconds.

You may think it’s a waste of time, but it’s the first thing Ring customer care will ask you to do when you contact them. It’s also recommended immediately connecting your Ring chime into a new socket since there’s a 0.01 percent chance that your wall socket is acting up.

Ring text should glow blue and may remain blue or be flickering, depending on your device.

Let’s try something else if that doesn’t work.

Hold the Setup Button for 5 Seconds as a second solution

Five more seconds of setup time. I’m aware that you’ve attempted this many times before. The 10th time could be the charm, according to some users.

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Try it one more time, if only to amuse the Ring customer service team (who will also request that you repeat this step!).

Hold the Setup Button for 15 seconds as a third option

I’m clutching my recently bricked Ring Chime.

You were unable to complete the last step? You’re going to have a lot of fun, I assure you. There is a 15-second rule this time around: hold the setup button down for that long. Ring chime users have stated that a hard reset performed by this method genuinely fixed the problem.

Adding a new device inside the Ring app may be necessary (or it may only display that your current device needs to be re-configured).

After this step, if the “ring” lettering begins to flash blue, you’re in luck. Follow the instructions on the Ring app.

Remove the old Chime from the App, and then re-add it back in.

The next option is to go into “Chimes or Devices” within the Ring app, choose your faulty Ring Chime device, click “General Settings” and then “Remove This Device” if nothing else has worked.

The Ring app’s delete chime warning

Adding a new Ring Chime may be done by clicking the blue “+” button under Devices and holding the setup button for 5 to 15 seconds:

In the Ring app, you may configure the Ring Chime unit.

It will finally link to your Ring chime in the normal manner if you follow the procedures.

In order to locate the Ring Chime device, the Ring app looks for it.

If your Ring Chime unit isn’t in setup mode, you won’t be able to go to this stage. If the Ring Chime isn’t detected by the Ring app, you’ll get an error message.

A new Ring Chime unit will be necessary if you’ve tried moving your Ring Chime unit to a different socket and holding down the setup button for 15 seconds without success.

Contact Ring customer service (particularly if you’re covered by warranty) as the fifth solution.

If everything else fails, the next logical step is to get in touch with Ring’s customer care team. As I observed on my own phone conversation to them, this isn’t usually a speedy process:

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My almost two-and-a-half-hour phone conversation with Ring customer service

However, calling Ring has two advantages:

It’s possible that they can provide you with new diagnostic or debugging techniques that I haven’t mentioned yet. Since the Ring Chime will naturally “phone home” quite frequently, Ring will have a plethora of data and logs available to them, as I’ve already mentioned everything Ring customer support asked me to do. But they might have some additional insight into your specific case, based on their own diagnostic systems.

There is a good chance that they will replace your Ring Chime under warranty. Remember that if you subscribe for Ring Protect Plus or Pro, you receive an extended warranty on all of your devices, including your Ring. For example, even if your Ring Chime is over a year old, Ring could still send you a replacement.

Ring customer care should be contacted if you’ve tried everything else. And after a 20-minute phone conversation, they sent me a replacement:

My Ring Chime has stopped working and Ring has given me a replacement, according to an email from the company.

Accepting the Ring The chimes are broken.

Before we go any further, when is it time to admit defeat and just get a new Ring Chimes?

When I initially switched on my Ring Chime, it momentarily flashed blue, which led me to believe it was bricked. It’d never get into setup mode if it tried.

Hold the setup button for 15 seconds if you are certain that the wall socket in issue is working properly. Your Ring Chime device is probably bricked if the “ring” lettering does not glow blue (unfortunately).

There are a few alternatives here:

If your Chime is still covered by a warranty, reach out to Ring’s customer support department.

Instead, utilize your Echo devices as doorbell chimes.

The Ring chime is out of date and needs to be replaced.

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