How Much Is Eufy Cloud Storage

Is there a monthly cost for eufy?

For more storage, you may subscribe to a cloud subscription from Eufy Security. The Basic plan offers 30 days of rolling storage for $2.99 per month or $29.99 per year per camera. The Premier plan provides 30 days of rolling storage for up to 10 cameras and costs $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year.

Is recording on Eufy free?

No membership is necessary to record video. If you do not subscribe to a cloud storage service, footage is stored on the device’s internal memory.

Does eufy save in cloud?

By subscribing to eufy Cloud storage, you may also back up your events recordings to eufy cloud storage. Users may watch the video on their computers and also download the video snippets.

Where are movies on Eufy stored?

By default, the video clips are saved on the HomeBase 2 (as a hub). HomeBase 2 has 16GB of non-removable local storage. It can keep two months of footage for a system with one camera and one month for a system with two cameras (30 motion detections a day and 60 seconds recording each time).

What happens when the storage on Eufy is full?

When local storage is full, newer movies will replace older ones. You may clean or format the SD card or local storage in the application. Methods in App: Settings for the camera or doorbell > Storage/Camera Storage > Clear Storage / Format.

Can I use the Eufy camera offline?

No. Please be informed that the system must be linked to the Internet by ethernet cable during setup, and must be connected to the Internet for optimal performance while in use.

Do Eufy cameras record continuously?

Not every Eufy camera can record constantly. Nonetheless, the Eufy Indoor Cam 2K and the Eufy Video Doorbell 2K Pro seem to offer similar capabilities. In addition, the Video Doorbell may record continuously for five days.

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How long can the Eufy camera capture video for?

In the settings of the Eufy app, you may set the maximum recording duration to 120 seconds (2 minutes). For battery-powered devices, however, the recording time might be as little as 20 seconds (this is covered more in the next section).

How much data do Eufy cameras use?

A test conducted by Eufy support revealed that a Eufy-cam with a home base and two cameras utilized around 528 MB per month. This investigation included live monitoring each camera three times each day for thirty seconds at a 100KB/s streaming rate.

Does Eufy cameras transfer data to China?

Sadly, this includes some of the most popular camera brands, such as Wyze, Amazon’s Ring, Anker/Blink, Eufy’s SimpliSafe, D-Link, and Logitech. Stay away from businesses like Eufy and EZVIZ that keep your user data on Chinese servers.

How can I check my storage on Eufy?

In the ‘Video Storage’ area of your Homebase settings in the Eufy app, you can see your remaining storage space…In addition, when you insert a fresh card, the software will give you the choice to format it…Just make sure it’s at least a class 10 card, and the size will depend on your desired retention time…

Have all Eufy cameras onboard storage?

Can Storage Be Added to a Eufy System? Typically, video captured by your EufyCam is kept on a 16GB eMMC. The lone exception is the EufyCam E, which stores video on a 16GB SD card. If you own this camera, you may buy a 128GB SD card to save more video locally.

Does Eufy sell your data?

Eufy does not sell data. Sharing is restricted to information requested by services alone.

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Does Eufy share data with law enforcement?

Guo added that “in those few instances when we may be holding a user’s film in our optional cloud service,” Eufy would share the footage with law enforcement with user permission, a legally enforceable order, or in “an emergency involving immediate threat of death or significant bodily damage to a person.”

How can I preserve my Eufy video?

1) Launch the eufy Pet application and go to the Activity tab. 2) Play the video you want to save to your mobile device. Step 3: To download the video, click the Download option. Note: Videos downloaded to your device will be stored locally.

Does EUFY destroy recordings by default?

Once the memory is full, the eufy Indoor Cam 1080p Pan & Tilt will remove the older video recordings in order to make room for new ones.

Can I extend EUFY HomeBase’s storage?

HomeBase is equipped with 16GB of eMMC storage. It is not upgradable. The battery doorbell is also compatible with the Gen-1 eufyCam HomeBase, which includes a 16GB microSD card that can be upgraded to 128GB.

How can I see recordings on EUFY?

Locally recorded video recordings on the HomeBase or the device itself cannot be seen via the web interface at this time. Nonetheless, cloud storage customers may view cloud-recorded videos using a web site. To view recorded videos on a Macbook, please download the eufySecurity app from the Apple App Store.

Does EUFY slow down Wi-Fi?

Eufy does reduce Wi-Fi speed, but only somewhat. Your download speed will be lowered by at most 1 Mbps (Megabits per second) when using a single Eufy device and up to 6 Mbps when using several devices.

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How can I interpret EUFY cameras when traveling?

Initially, a camera outside the eufy network requires a second home base. This is easily added using the app, with which the camera is then paired. Or, you may set up the second location (the second home base) with a separate Eufy account and then release it through the app for the first account.

How far away from base can the EUFY camera be?

In most circumstances, the camera may be positioned within 30 feet of the HomeBase (for a stronger signal). Actual range will vary based on a variety of variables, including wall thickness, barriers inside the home, and the position of HomeBase.

Does Eufy preserve video?

The home base of the Eufy Doorbell functions as both a chime and a video storage device. On the home base, 16GB of video recordings may be kept, and according to Eufy, 16GB of storage is sufficient for 180 days of records.

Can the Eufy camera’s recording be rewound?

Unfortunately, the clip must be replayed from the beginning. It is possible to scroll and fast-forward a clip, but I have never been able to go backwards.

How can I configure my Eufy camera to record for a longer duration?

Set the Power Manager to Custom recording mode in the app. There, you may adjust the recording duration. Do not enable “end clip early if there is no motion.”

Can I livestream my Eufy camera?

You may see the live stream on the iOS Home App by clicking the camera’s live feed or by asking “Hey Siri, show the xxxx”