Does Alarm Still Ring If IphOne on Silent

Do iPhone alerts sound while the device is set to Do Not Disturb? According to the iPhone user handbook, “when switched on and the iPhone is locked, all alerts and calls are muted, but alarms continue to ring.” Notably, in addition to enabling and disabling Do Not Disturb through the Settings app, you can access its more complex options via Settings > Notifications > Do Not…

Is my alarm going to sound if it is set to airplane mode? 5 Responses. Yes. Airplane mode (flight mode) disables just the functionality of your phone that need a signal to operate, not the ones that do not require a signal to operate. Your alarm will continue to function normally.

Does the alarm sound while in airplane mode? 1 Community Response Yes, the alarm will continue to function since it is integrated with the phone. Airplane mode is limited to blocking radio signals.

Does Alarm Still Ring If IphOne on Silent – RELATED QUESTIONS

Will the alarm continue to sound if the phone is turned off?

If your Samsung Android smartphone is switched off, any alarms you have set on it will not be activated. To activate the alarm on your Samsung Smart Phone, the device must be switched on.

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